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These Guys Suck…!!!!

So for the last 2 or 3 weeks I think, WordPress had disabled my site…Reason? They thought that I was posting way too much content, so they thought it was actually being generated by a bot…Seriously?

I was laboring hard enough every single day, to write up something, and I scheduled the post as I knew I would be away for like 3-4days, then I come back to find the blog suspended….

I was so hurt, but those are some of the pitfalls we face, now, it is time to get back to what I do best, keep writing.  And providing this awesome community good quality content.

So from tomorrow, expect to see Daniel back with my rants and posts on Internet Marketing, and also I am going to shift this blog to a self hosted platform, so that I do not have to deal with suspensions and the like.

Hope you all had a great beginning to the week.

Till then,

Daniel here.


Quick search engine optimization tips

Hey,thanks for dropiing by, Daniel here and continuing our series of “All About Internet Marketing” So, in the last issue we talked about how a good marketing strategy will get more targeted traffic to your website. Today, I want us to talk about a few quick search engine optimization tips you can use to get more traffic to your website.

Now remember this, the affiliate market is wide open, and getting your website to the top of the search engines is crucial for a thriving online business. Unfortunately, very few people really know how to do this. In this tutorial, you’ll get a “crash course” in what to do to get your website to rank highly. We’ll cover all the basics in an easy to understand manner so you can apply what you learned right away.

Keyword Research

Keywords are the words that your user types into Google to try and search for websites. What keywords do you want to rank highly for? It’s important to choose what keywords you want to rank for before you start optimizing your site. Fail here and you entirely make no money

Using the Google Keyword Tool,, enter your details and log in. then in then click on the keyword tool, and make sure your search is set to exact, and search.Next, you want to analyze the keyword that interests you, I usually go for 1500+ exact local searches a month, and also type that keyword in the google search like “keyword here”  and see how many competing pages there are.
If they are less than 100k, I hit a bang with it. I recommend using Long tail Platinum or Market Samurai, I will write about these in a day or 2.

Okay, moving on, I assume you have your keyword ready.

Optimize Your Title Tag

The next step is to optimize the title tag on your website. The title tag goes between the head tags and looks like this:

<title>Your Title Here</title>

Make sure your main keyword appears once or twice in the title. If you have a secondary keyword, put both of them in the title. Don’t have any keyword more than twice.

Optimize Your Site

There are many other factors that are important for onsite optimization. Two of the big ones are your header tags and your keyword density.

Use <h1> for your headers. In between them, make sure you mention your keyword at least once.

Use your keyword often in your text, but don’t make it sound weird to do so.

These two factors have an influence on Google, but not nearly to the same degree as before simply because people abused the system.

Get Quality Backlinks

The next step is to get good backlinks from sites that are related to yours. There are many ways to do this. Here are some of them:

– Submit free press releases
– Offer to write articles for other sites in exchange for a back link
– Pay for it
– Submit your site to directories
– Link to them and ask them to link back
– Post comments on related blogs
-Or use a software to find backlinks easily…I have one that I am using, and I will also show you how it works, this piece of tool gets me backlinks in minutes…very helpful, yet very cheap…less than a cup of coffee…yeah, star bucks can get on the higher end at times..:)
– Etc

Be creative. Come up with ways to get back backlinks to your site.

Optimize Your Anchor Text

If you can, ask the website owners who are linking to you to create their link with good anchor text. A good anchor text is a link that has your keyword in it, rather than just click here.

For example, if you’re selling woodworking workshops:

Bad: *Click Here* To learn About Woodworking Workshops

Good: Click This Link to *Learn About Woodworking Workshops*

Where ** = The Link Text

Wrapping it Up

If you select your keywords carefully, optimize your title, your h1 tags and your keyword density, get quality backlinks and optimize your anchor text, you’ll be far, far ahead of your competition.

In fact, you now know more about how to get your website to rank well in the search engines than most webmasters on the internet. Now it’s time to put this knowledge to use and really see the results. What you learned here can literally double your business overnight.

Make sure you look for your next issue soon. We will be talking about how to get a buzz going online about your business. Until then, Daniel here..thanks for reading..:) Ciao…I just learned that from a freind of mine..

Get more targeted traffic to your website .

Helooooo, Daniel here again, helping you put everything together for your IM career. So let dive into todays discussion.

In the last issue we talked about using ebooks as an internet marketing strategy. In this issue we are going to talk about how a good marketing strategy will get more targeted traffic to your website.

A website marketing strategy is the things you do to get targeted traffic to visit your corner of the internet.  There are many things you can do to get visitors.  There is not one “correct” procedure. Instead, you need to look at your options and develop the website marketing strategy that works best for you.

One website marketing strategy is to write articles and submit them to article directories.  The best thing about this approach is that you can do this with absolutely no money to start with.  If you are not good at writing, article marketing can still be cheaper than other kinds of advertising.

Write 25 articles (or have them written for you).  Sign up for an account at and submit the 10 articles. You can only submit 10 when you have a basic account.  After those 10 are approved, you will be upgraded and can submit more.

Then, go over to and create a lens and put 5 of your articles on the lens.  Then go over to and create a Hub with 5 articles.  The final 5 articles should be submitted to multiple directories.  One way to do this is through which, for $2 each, will submit your articles to hundreds of directories.
Another great option is to go to, just search for UAW and you will get many people who will spin and submit your articles to many directories for only $5. Be careful though with fiverr…you want to go for those people with high rating.

Another website marketing strategy is to use pay per click marketing to get traffic to your website.  For this strategy, you will set up accounts with Google’s Adwords, Yahoo’s Search Marketing, or some of the lesser known and cheaper options like 7Search.

The advantage of Pay Per Click marketing is that it works quickly. You should start seeing an immediate stream of visitors to your website.  The disadvantage is that unless you know what you are doing, you can lose your shirt doing it 😀 and I wont go through all the testing and tweaking in this article, thats for another day.
So, take the time to learn about PPC before starting, set your initial click values low, and set a daily cap on the amount you are willing to spend before you start.

Another website marketing strategy is called forum marketing. For some reason, many people do not like to do forum marketing despite the fact that it is wonderfully effective.  What you do is join a forum that is relevant to your website.  Initially, you should respond to other people’s posts with good information.  Then, you should start your own posts offering information or asking smart questions. For those of you doing affiliate or anything related to the make money online niche, this post by Pat Flynn will help you alot…

After you have 25 or so posts, create a signature with a link back to your site.  Don’t be blatant about it.  When people consider you a valuable member of the forum, they will be curious about what else you have to offer and will check your website out. These people will already be pre-sold on you and will be open to whatever products or services you are selling.

There are many ways to get visitors to your website.  You need to develop a website marketing strategy to get traffic to your site. Make sure you look for your next issue soon. We will be talking about few quick search engine optimization tips you can use to get more traffic to your website

Till then, I remain your trusted, loyal friend and fellow internet marketer, Mickoh.

Using ebooks as an internet marketing strategy

Continuing from where we left, in the last post, we talked about why effective internet marketing begins with a business plan and I hope that you have truely put an effort in creating an internet marketing plan by now. So with that said, today we are going to talk about using ebooks as an internet marketing strategy.

An Ebook internet marketing strategy can vary from plan to plan, but the most important thing is that you do have a plan.  Some people write a report or even a large tome with no plan as to how to sell it.  There’s an “if you build it, they will come,” mentality.  In todays discussion, I’m going to give you an ebook internet marketing strategy that will go a long way in helping you out in your internet marketing journey, believe me.

So to begin with, the first ebook internet marketing strategy I’m going to discuss is the scenario where you haven’t actually written the product yet. This is the best way to go.  If you have already written your ebook but still need a strategy, I will discuss that in the second half of the discussion.

First of all, you are going to have to decide on the delivery mechanism.  For instance, is this something you are going to promote on Clickbank?  Are you going to promote it to your list only?  Are you going to get JV partners?  All of these things should be taken into account before you do anything else.  For instance, if you are going to sell through Clickbank, you will need to develop affiliate tools as part of the sales letter process.  If you are going to be working with JV partners, you need to get them lined up.  So, start working on the mechanism first.

Next, you are going to write your sales letter.  Yes, this ebook internet marketing strategy calls for the sales letter before the book is ever written.  Promise the world in your sales letter.  Let people know you can cure cancer, fly them to the moon, or solve all of their financial worries, which you have to honestly address in one way or the other by the way..:).

Now, you’re ready to actually write the ebook.  Go through your sales letter and actually make good on all of the promises you made.
This backward step internet marketing funnel is very effective in helping you to develop an ebook that actually sells.

But, some people have already developed the ebook and know they want to know how to market it.  This is the position most people find themselves in.  Unfortunately, you are at a disadvantage, but it can be overcome.

In this case, the ebook internet marketing strategy involves figuring out the delivery mechanism (such as Clickbank), then writing the appropriate sales letter for that medium using your ebook as the basis for the sales letter.  You may find that you need to revise parts of the ebook based on holes in the sales letter.  You may want to make promises in the sales letter that your ebook doesn’t deliver.  If this is the case, go back and rework the ebook so that you can deliver what is promised in the sales letter.

In sum, there are three steps to an ebook internet marketing strategy.  First, you have to determine the delivery mechanism. Then you have to write a sales letter.  Finally you write the book.  If you have done this backwards, it will mean more work in the short term because you will have to correct the mistakes you’ve made. But, it can be done.

Don’t believe that just because you’ve written a great ebook that people will buy it.  You have to have an ebook internet marketing strategy to sell it.

Make sure you look for your next issue soon. We will be talking about how a good marketing strategy will get more targeted traffic to your website since we all know, that traffic(visitors) that convert will  either make or break your business. After all, what use is a business without visitors or customers?

Till then, Daniel here, your friend and paartner in success.

Lets do it!!!!

Okay, Daniel here and back with our “All about Internet Marketing” discussion. One important update is that I am going to be starting to build my Niche Sites, and I will be documenting everything here for those of you who will want to see how I pick niches, from keyword research to setting up my site.
It is about exactly 23 days since I started this blog, and I must thank you all for your active participation and giving me company, I really appreciate that.

So moving on, in the last post, the one after the survey,I talked about whether or not being an affiliate can change your life and I know you saw that done wisely, one could literally make a living off affiliate marketing. Today, we are going to talk about why effective internet marketing begins with a business plan yes, a business plan.

You see, one of the reasons fail in Internet Marketing is because they do not take it as a business, and so eerything done is just casual, and one does not try enough before giving up. But one thing I know is that effective internet marketing begins with the business plan.

One of the reasons that franchises are such a popular offline business model is that they present a plan for making hamburgers or tutoring kids. Having a plan is one of the most important things in business and a key component of effective internet marketing.

The first thing I want to ask you is whether you want to have an internet marketing business or an internet marketing hobby. There’s nothing wrong with making a couple hundred dollars a month doing something that is kind of fun. But it’s not a business. It’s a hobby. Effective internet marketing means treating it like a business.

The first step of your plan needs to be your long range strategic goals. How much do you want to be making? What are your resources to get there? Steven Covey made popular the saying “begin with the end in mind.” That means, look down the road 5 years or so and find out where you want to be. Then you can plot backwards what milestones you need to meet to get there.

Your plan should be divided into long term (5 year), mid term (1 year), quarterly, monthly, and daily objectives. This way, you stay on track.

Additionally, you need to develop systems for everything you do. If you plan to outsource your article writing, set up a system for everything from hiring your writers to how they deliver the content to you. If you systematize the plan, you will get better results. One person posted a question about why his writers never gave him titles to the articles. A responder asked him whether he had asked them to. If you have a system in place, when you bring on a new writer, he or she will know exactly what you expect of them.

Effective internet marketing also means developing a budget and sticking to it. Internet hobbyists buy every WSO or course on the market. They dabble in one thing, listen to an ecourse, buy a domain name they never use, etc. Someone who is marketing on a business developed budget will buy only the things he or she needs to move their business forward.

As you put together a real business plan for your internet marketing business, you will find that you are making a lot more money. It stops being something you are playing at on the evenings and weekends and starts to take shape as a “real” business.

Pretty soon, you will find that you can leave your day job and make the online world your primary source of income. Many people have done this before you. More, though, have played at it, and said, “internet marketing doesn’t work.” Those are mostly people who didn’t have any real plan.

Do you want to have a hobby or a business? The answer to that will determine how successful you are. Always remember that effective internet marketing is a business and you need a plan.

Make sure you look for your next issue soon. We will be talking about using ebooks as an internet marketing strategy.

How Can I be of help to You???

how may I help youToday, its all about you….I know I have so much data on Internet Marketing having been doing it for close to 3 years now, actually its 3 years…mathematically.

So having been out to give a speech to a youth group of about 150+, I realized that no matter how much data one has, all that people need it what will be of help to then.. So here is the deal

Can Affiliate Marketing Change yout Life….?Find out…

So moving on, I would like to ask, from the 10 or so posts I have made, are these posts making any sense or is there something you think needs to be changed? Let me know…

In the last issue we talked about simple things that will make internet marketing work well for you. In this issue we are going to talk about whether or not being an affiliate can change your life.

Being an associate affiliate can be extremely profitable, but it’s not as easy as all the gurus make it sound.  After all, you have to generate targeted traffic and make it convert in order to get paid. That means convincing people, most of them with short attention spans, to take sign up for offers or make purchases through your link.

This works out well for both parties because the producer doesn’t pay you money until you give them some leads or customers. Associate affiliates use this relationship to make money without having to worry about customer service or product delivery. It sort of lowers the risk for both involved parties.

For beginners, this is a great way to start earning money.  You’ll also learn the ropes of internet marketing and this is vital to your long term success. Of course, your site might have its own goal, but starting off with promoting a product that is already converting and optimized you’re making things a lot easier for yourself. Doing so requires a combination of factors almost all of which are under your control, which is a good thing.

Many companies will allow you to sign up for their affiliate program even if you don’t have a website of your own.  On the other hand,
some companies require you to have a website that’s closely related to their niche and you’ll need to submit traffic stats to them in order to become an associate affiliate for them.

After all, if you have the same topics on your sites, there’s a greater likelihood of crossover from readers.  If you had a soccer website, you probably wouldn’t have crossover readers for a site on wheelchairs.

Another factor to know about is keywords.  Keywords are the words that people put into search engines to look for a specific topic or subject.  Just about anything can be a keyword phrase, but some keywords are more profitable than others.

These are usually keywords which have moderate to high searches on a regular basis and a low number of competing pages.  Optimize your sites for the most profitable keywords and you’ll stand a greater chance of not only making sales, but securing a hands-off income stream.

Of course, being an associate affiliate isn’t the be all and end all. Unless you’re simply there to make money, you probably opened a website because it’s something you’re interested in.  If you’re not enjoying it anymore and you’re not just in it for money, feel free to move on to more interesting prospects.

You have to be in a place that’s good for you otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to stand the grit and the everyday pressure that a website demands.  If you’re still interested, there’s a lot of money to be made being an associate affiliate and if you go about the process correctly you can turn your efforts into residual, long term rewards.

So I hope with this simple analysis, you can tell that you can easily make money as an affilliate…Make sure you look for your next issue soon. We will be talking about why effective internet marketing begins with a business plan.Till then, your friend and success partner,

Daniel Mickoh.

SImple things that will Sky Rocket Your Internet Marketing

Hey there….Daniel back here again withs  our beautiful series All about IM! In the last issue we talked about improving your internet marketing results by offering value and I almost went mad on those who want to benefit without putting in any hard work…  . In this issue we are going to talk about simple things that will make internet marketing work well for you.

The way internet in marketing works is becoming clearer and clearer from day to day.  Like many things, advertising and marketing strategies are only beginning to scratch the surface of this rapidly expanding force. Whatever baby steps we’ve taken to fully utilize it are still very powerful in their own right after all, there has been nothing like the internet in the history of mankind.

We may not have yet fully realized just how deep or how far the internet can go.  Despite its penetration into the idea of a household it is still not as every day as the television or the radio. As a canvas for marketing, it’s the baby boy or girl of the media world.

Only recently have references to the internet in media been made realistically  most references make it out to be some magical thing that can answer anything and anyone.  Now, people are getting a good idea of how it works and want to try internet in marketing for themselves.

The first step and possibly the most commonly known method of internet in marketing has been through email newsletters and the like.  Through an easily accessible method like email, people have been staying in contact with their customers as if they were simply in the neighborhood  except now, that neighborhood has been extended to anything with an internet connection. Currently, it is also the prime method by which scams and spam are delivered, making people look at it with a grain of salt.

Internet in marketing took on a whole new level when created the idea of web affiliates. This is the internet equivalent of the infomercial  after all, where else could an entire site or channel be used as an ad?

Affiliate marketing is essentially when people promote certain products or services for a commission of the sale price.  In doing so, they also offer their viewers the chance to click on various ads or links to the “money” site.

This is why they need similar or related content  the more similar the sites, the better the chance that the viewer or user would actually be interested in clicking the link.

Payment here varies, but for the most part requires actual action from the user for payment.  It takes more than viewing the ad  the user needs to either click, or act on the ad in such a way that is beneficial for the main site.  In this way, the advertiser only pays for conversions, leads or click that benefit them, putting some of the work into the affiliate’s hands.

Marketing on the internet can be very profitable, if done correctly and like actual advertising, there is no magic formula to get everyone into your site, but the effort will probably pay off. Research and knowing how to actually do the marketing is vital this allows you to weed out those who can and those who can’t promote you. Internet in marketing a new concept, but one you can’t pass up.

Till then, Daniel here, you freind and success partner…Make sure you look for your next issue soon. We will be talking about whether or not being an affiliate can change your life.

Thanks for your company God Bless.

Offer Value…or you are just as useless…!!!!

Today in the IM world, people have become worse than plastics, worse than thives and worse than a f****d up economy..!!! Sorry if that last word offended you..
But no longer are people giving quality, every Tom, Dick and Harry is out there throwing rubish at any newbie or IMer who has somewhat “failed online” and not giving the right stuff…I get soooo mad at this CRAP…!!!If you are one of them and are busy throwing your affiliate links everywhere….just know you are worse than a B****..D…!! We hate you and please…STOP!

So continuing on with our journey, In the last issue we talked about finding an internet marketing expert  and a community that you can trust to teach you. In this issue we are going to talk about improving your internet marketing results by offering value.

Do you want to improve your internet marketing strategy for your business?  Have you found that what you are currently doing is not taking you far enough?  Are you struggling to get to the next level? The best thing you can do to improve internet marketing strategy is to value your customers.

Unfortunately, many marketers see their customers as “marks.”  If they buy your snake oil and don’t like it, there are millions of more fish in the sea.  But if you want to improve internet marketing strategy, you need to change your mind set.

You and I know that a customer relationship is a valuable thing.  There are two parts to this.  It is much more expensive to acquire a customer than it is to keep one trust me.  Once you have sold a product to a satisfied customer, they are much more likely to come back for more.

That’s one reason why it is important to develop an maintain a list. Once you have established value with a customer, you are able to go back to them with new product offers.   Customers buy from people they trust.

This is true whether you are selling affiliate products or your own products.  If you are selling affiliate products, and people trust you to make recommendations, they will buy through your links.

Think about the books that serve as “guides” for travelers.  Hotels fight to get “5 star” ratings from various directories because it can significantly increase their business.  Affiliate programs should be vying to have you recommend them because a recommendation from you should bring in a flood of traffic.

If you are selling your own products, this remains true as well.  If you sell a customer an initial product and he or she likes it, they will probably be interested in a similar product you have to sell as well.

Bring them into your product funnel.  You should plan up sells and down sells for each product you sell.  Look at ways to repackage the products to add value.  For instance, you can turn an ebook into an audio book and sell it again.  Or, you can turn a bunch of short reports into one package.

If you value your customers, you will improve internet marketing strategy all around.

P. T. Barnum is “famous” for saying, “there’s a fool born every minute.”  The truth is there is absolutely no record of him saying this.  Joe Vitale named his biography of Barnum “There’s a Customer Born Every Minute.”  That’s the mind set you should have if you want to really improve internet marketing strategy.

If you see the people on your list and the people who visit your website as customers, you will develop relationships that will last for many years.  If you treat them as “fools” they may buy once, but they will be loath to ever purchase something from you again.

Furthermore, when you treat people as “marks,” it cheapens the whole buying online experience in general.  It drives people to “big names” like Amazon rather than the smaller distributors who can offer real value.

Don’t fall into the “fool” trap. See and treat your customers as valuable because they are.  That’s how you improve internet marketing results.

Make sure you look for your next issue soon. We will be talking about simple things that will make internet marketing work well for you.

Yhanks again for giving me company, and again, if you felt offended by the use of certain words, well I am sorry…though I have to let some of these guys get it right…thanks again for reading…you ROCK..!!!

Finding an internet marketing expert and Community you can trust.

How are you friends… Now I know some you  after reading yesterdays post, that marked the end of the road for them, especially since they never want to hear annything related to starting a website or paying for anything… well, let me first begin by encouraging you…

Everyone started from somewhere, failed several times and now is somewhere again, it does not mean that if you failed the first 2 or 3 times or even 10 times, then that is the trend of how everything should be going for you, on the contrary…
The old Chinese saying that goes like”It does not matter how many times you fall, what matters is how many times you rise up after a fall” should give you encouragement, and for the whole world, read my “about me” page, stuff there is what happend to me in reality…you never give up, and neither should you be discouraged, and that is why todays topic of finding the right people and communities i very important, lest we just find people hungry for money and ready to promise you that you can make money online by just watching you monitor!!!!

Thats all BS…you work and then eat, not watch and eat…for goodness sake, you have worked almost your entire life, and only get perharps $5000/month, if for all that struggle you can manage to work for $5k, why not put in some energy for 30 days and start making $500/month, or even $3k/month autopilot…whay give up after only 30 days of trying? Anyway, lets get into what this post is all about…
And by the way, thanks for rreading up until this point, it shows me you are serious about your future…

So in the last issue we talked about  jump starting your online marketing campaign for greater success. In this issue we are going to talk about finding an internet marketing expert and community that you can trust to teach you. By the way, feel free to share some beautiful communities you might be in so that we have a vast base…
Which internet marketing experts should you turn to?  These people, who have been tagged as “gurus” by some, have more experience in the IM world than others.  But, it seems like there’s a new “guru” on the block every day.  So who should you trust to teach you the ropes?

Here’s a check list on how to evaluate internet marketing experts.

First and foremost, we want to ask ourselves, have they actually made money doing the things they areadvising you to do? I am no IM guru, but I have made money online…and I will not claim to be one any day…I am just a guy like anyone else, so never tag that on me..;)

Ironically, many internet marketing “experts” are most expert at promoting themselves.  They’ll tell you, for instance, to stay out of the “internet marketing” niche because the “experts” have it cornered.  Instead, they’ll say to go into less competitive niches. But, if you press them, they will have to admit that they’ve never been in any other niche themselves.

Secondly, are they transparent?

The “gurus” that I like best are the ones who will show you what niches are actually making them money. They’re not afraid they’ll lose their precious “position” to someone less experienced than they are.  This transparency allows you to evaluate them wisely.
And for your information, I will be sharing all my niches from next week, since I will be starting to put up my niche site, I will even throw out of the room weird claims that some niches are too saturated to get into…just wait and see.

Do they give you a step by step plan?

The internet marketing experts who are best at teaching newbie and internet marketers are those who can provide detailed, step by step plans for success. And by this, I mean, tell me what to do from day one to the last day I have to rest…

Do you trust that they have done what they say?

It’s really easy to say they made “a million dollars” from a system when you are on the internet.  You don’t even have to keep a straight face. You can also photoshop Paypal and Clickbank screen shots to “show” that you have made a lot more money than you really have. So, when finding a guru to follow, you should have a gut feeling that they have done what they’ve said they’ve done.

Is their plan something you feel you can do?

There are many kinds of internet marketing experts.  Some recommend setting up a network of blogs and doing a ton of
writing.  Others use pay per click marketing in their strategies. Some urge you to go offline and contact business owners to build
websites for them.  All of these strategies can work.  The trick is to find a guru who can teach you the strategies you are most comfortable with yourself.

Do they say you can do it with “no work.” ?

Let’s face it, there’s very little in life that you can achieve with no work like I already said…. Every once in a while, someone hits a jackpot. Whether it is in Las Vegas or online.  But, for the most part, making money of any kind requires work.  If you see a guru promising a “no work”
system, run away fast.

Is it ethical?

There are a number of ways you can make money on the internet that some can live with and others find downright unethical.  Make sure you are able to live with yourself in the morning before you start any internet marketing scheme, as for me on this blog, I know the guys who have helped me make it online, but I do not want to start posting names here and before you know it, you are over loaded with sales after sale video, and your head is spinning and cannot even move a step futher..for now, just follow through the series, and if you can not set up a business by then, just contact me, and I promise to go as far as creating a custom video for you or going on skype to help you out, you do not need to pay $67/month, or over $400 like I do inorder to know how to make money or set up an online business, everything you need is here.

If we work together, lwts share whatever experinces we have online for any of these reader coming on everyday, create a community of people who are more than willing to share and help other succeed or move from where they are to where they want to be.

There are many people claiming to be internet marketing “experts.”  Choose wisely before selecting an expert to follow post the name here, and I can sure vet that person for you. Make sure you look for your next issue soon. We will be talking about improving your internet marketing results by offering value.

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